SeaLife Accessories

Flex-connect arm

Flex-Connect Army

Direct light where ever you need it
Expand your underwater camera set with one “click!” – The Flex Arm allows for creative lighting, easy aiming, and reduced backscatter by positioning the flash or light farther away from the camera. Each arm has a 100° bending motion and adds 7” of length.

The Flex Arm quickly and easily clicks into a Flex-Connect tray, grip, cold shoe adapter, or to the top of another Flex Arm. Up to two arms can be added per side and made of fiber-reinforced polycarbonate material and stainless steel hardware for maximum durability.

Ball Joint Adapter

Ball Joint Adapter for Flex-Connect

The new Ball Joint Adapter for Flex-Connect connects any brand of underwater light that uses a standard 1”/25mm ball joint mounting system to Flex-Connect arms, grips, trays, and cold-shoe mount. This heavy-duty aluminum piece is built for maximum durability, and like all Flex-Connect accessories, it instantly connects nearly all brands of underwater lights to Flex-Connect with just a “click.”


AquaPod Mini

Maintain distance while getting close to land & sea creatures

Effortlessly take self-portrait images

Easy to use and hold steady

Extends from 15.5 in/39cm to 38 in/97cm

Easily fits into a briefcase or carry-on luggage
moisture muncher

Moisture Muncher Capsules

Eats humidity, and kills moisture. Protection against corrosion, fogging, and mildew.
Fits perfectly into SeaLife underwater camera and phone housings as well as other brands of underwater camera housings.

Moisture Muncher Packs absorb moisture to prevent fogging and corrosion of your valuable electronics and cameras. Use inside an airtight storage case or container to create a perfect dry environment for your valuable items.

Important: Store the unused capsules in a small 100% airtight container until they will be used in a SeaLife housing. This assures maximum absorption power.

Each package contains ten (10) 1.5g capsules containing color-indicating silica gel. When the gel turns from blue to pink, full absorption has been reached.